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Lithium battery is prohibitted ! Airasia Ban lithium-ion battery for good?


Recent cases we heard about exploding battery on airplane which raise the safety of the aviation. As we all know that lithium-ion battery are the most fastest growing battery in the market and widely used for most devices as for it lightweight. However there is one drawback on lithium-ion battery which is the battery is very fragile and require safety to maintain safe operation. There are possibility that the battery might leak or short circuit due to wear and tear too. I believe there are no experiment were tested on the battery with different altitude and pressure act on the body of the battery. Theoretically, the battery might have chemical reaction with relationship between pressure, altitude and temperature. In conclusion, the battery Lithium-ion should always open from the device before and after the flight just to be safe.  Proper storage battery could prevent and increase the life of the battery too.